Customize Report Cards

You can choose which report card columns parents and students see; show or hide grades, narratives, skills, honor roll, and class rank; and determine your GPA display settings.

  1. On the navigation bar, click Permissions.

    The Summary tab opens.

  2. Scroll down to Report Card Settings for Parents and Students.
  3. Refer to the following diagram and table to customize your report cards.

Report Card Setting

Report Card Settings Overview
A Select the report card columns whose grades you want to show.

Select this check box if you want to use the number grade print table from AdminPlus. For more information, click Question Mark Icon.

C Select the grade levels whose grades you want to show.
D Show skills and/or narratives on your report cards. If you show narratives, select which narratives you want to show.
E Show honor roll and/or class rank on your report cards.
F Select your preferred GPA settings.
  1. At the bottom of the Summary tab, click Save Settings.

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