PlusPortals Manager Quick Start Guide

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PlusPortals Manager offers an intuitive administrative interface that enables administrators to easily manage and customize their school's teacher, parent, and student portals.

The seamless integration PlusPortals has with AdminPlus and TeacherPlus Gradebook makes it easy to set up user accounts and for information to be exchanged between the programs, such as demographic information, class progress, disciplinary incidents, class schedules, and other information aspects.

Who's this guide for?

This guide is meant to help your school's PlusPortals administrator set up the teacher, parent, and student portals. By using the Admin account, you'll learn how to set up user accounts; configure permissions; send e-mails, portal messages, and announcements; create events; create user Groups to give specific staff access to the portal pages of the users in the Group; and customize the look and feel of all the portals.

Will teachers, parents, and students get anything out of this guide?

This guide isn't meant for teachers, parents, or students. For more information on using the teacher portal, please refer to the TeacherPlus Portal User Guide. Parents and students who are looking to learn how to use the portals should check out our ParentPlus Interactive Guides and videos.

This topic was last updated on September 27, 2018.

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