Overview of User Accounts

On the Manage Accounts page, you can click a user groups' tab to see the user accounts in that group.

Manage Accounts Tabs

Student and parent user accounts are automatically synced to PlusPortals when you perform an All Data sync in AdminPlus via Tools > TeacherPlus Setup & Sync Manager > All Data (Since Year Start). By default, only students and parents from your current (active) year are synced. If you also want to sync students and parents from the scheduling year, see Sync Scheduling Year Students and Parents to the PlusPortals.

The user accounts for a particular group are based on the following:

Student and Parent: Student user accounts are determined by a data base field in AdminPlus, which has been mapped as the e-mail field via the E-mail module. Your school can choose to either input the student's e-mail address or a user name (in case an e-mail address is not available for the student) in this field. Similarly, parent user accounts are determined by the primary e-mail field in the Contacts data base.

Teacher/Staff: Teacher user accounts are based on the active teacher accounts in TeacherPlus Gradebook Sync Manager in AdminPlus. TeacherPlus Gradebook and PlusPortals accounts share the same login and password, so the same login information can be used to access either account.

Administrator: Your master login of "plusportaladmin" is the main administrator account. You can create other administrator accounts via Manage Accounts > Admin. For more information, see Create an Administrator Account.

Accounts that share the same login e-mail are automatically linked. The user can choose which role to log in as after entering their e-mail and password. As a result, a user with different roles (for example, teacher and parent) doesn't need two separate logins.

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