E-Mail Event Types

The events displayed on the Statistics tab of the E-Mail Analytics page represent the status of e-mails.

There are five types of events:

  • Delivered: the number of e-mails received by users
  • Opens: the number of e-mails opened by users

    The number of Opens can exceed Delivered e-mails when users open e-mails more than once, or when they open e-mails that were delivered before the date range.

  • Clicks: the number of link clicks within e-mails
  • Bounces: the number of e-mails that were not delivered to a user

    The Bounces statistic includes Dropped e-mails and Deferred e-mails until they are delivered. Dropped e-mails are e-mails that can't be sent to the intended recipient, and Deferred e-mails are e-mails that can be sent but can't be received. When an e-mail is Deferred, PlusPortals tries to send it again. E-mails can be Dropped if the address is invalid. They can be Deferred if the intended recipient's mailbox is full.

  • Spam Reports: the number of e-mails that users marked as spam

For more information, see View E-Mail Statistics.

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