School Announcements, Notifications, and Alerts

There are three options for mass communication in PlusPortals: announcements, notifications, and alerts. They are accessed by clicking Communication > School Announcements.

What's the Difference Between Announcements, Notifications, and Alerts?

Only announcements appear on the portals' Home page where they are viewable by the public. Notifications and alerts appear in the same panel on the Home page of the portals, with alerts showing in red to indicate their higher importance.

The process for creating an announcement, notification, or alert is almost the same. You can enter the dates for when the message is visible, select which user groups can see it, attach a file, add a link, and choose to send an immediate e-mail notification.

Creating a Notification or Alert

On the Settings tab, you can set the sort order for how announcements, notifications, and alerts display to your users.

Notification Settings

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