Manage Google Calendar Settings

Administrators can sign in to their Google account from PlusPortals, choose which calendars to display in PlusPortals, and choose how to display those calendars.

To manage your Google Calendar settings, follow these steps:

  1. On the navigation bar, click Communication > Calendar.
  2. Click Calendar Feed.
  3. If you are not already signed in, click Sign in with Google, and follow Google's prompts to sign in to Google Calendar.

    Sign in with Google

  4. Next to the calendar you want to manage, click Edit.
  5. Enter the calendar's Start Date and End Date.
  6. In the Color drop-down list, click a color for the calendar.
  7. If you want the calendar to appear on the login page, select the Show on Login Page check box.

    For the calendar to appear on the login page, you must also select the Use PlusPortals Home Page instead of Login Page check box and the Events check box via Miscellaneous > Appearance > PlusPortals Home Page.

  8. In the Visibility column, select which user groups can view the calendar.
  9. Choose Google Calendar

  10. Click Update to save the calendar settings.

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