Create a Calendar Event

When you create a calendar event, you can set its location, visibility, and event category, and add links and attachments. You can also send an e-mail notification to parents, students, and/or staff to inform them of the new event.

To create a calendar event, follow these steps:

  1. On the navigation bar, click Communication > Calendar.
  2. Click New Event.

    The Event dialog box appears.

  3. New Calendar Event

  4. Type the Title, Summary, and Location of the event.
  5. Next to Visible To, select which user groups can see the event.
  6. If you want the event to appear on the login page, select the Show on Login Page (Public) check box.

    For the calendar to appear on the login page, you must also select the Use PlusPortals Home Page instead of Login Page check box and the Events check box via Miscellaneous > Appearance > PlusPortals Home Page.


    To display this event on your Redisite, you must select the the Show on Login Page(Public) check box.

  7. Enter the Start Date and End Date of the event, including the time. Or, select the All Day Event check box.

    You can click the calendar icon to set the date and the clock icon to set the time. The clock icon drop-down list provides the time in 30-minute increments.

  8. Next to Select Category, do one of the following:

    • Select an existing category from the Select Category drop-down list.
    • Create a new category by clicking New, typing the category name and selecting a color, and then clicking Save.

    For more information on event categories, see Manage Calendar Event Categories.

  9. Do any of the following:

    • To create a recurring event, select the frequency from the Repeat drop-down list.
    • To provide event resources, attach a file or add a link.
    • To notify users about the event, select the Send E-Mail Notification check box.
  10. Click Save to post this event to the calendar, where users can click it to view its information.

    Calendar Event

  11. If you selected the Send E-Mail Notification check box in step 8, a dialog box appears with the information you added to the new calendar event. Select who the e-mail should be sent to, edit the Subject and Description if you want, and then click Send.
  12. Calendar Event Notification

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