Post a Discussion

You can create a discussion and post it to multiple classes. Students and parents can view the discussion from the Coursework panel in their portal, but only students can post replies.

You will only see the discussion options described in this task if your PlusPortals administrator has enabled them.

To create a discussion and add it to your class pages, follow these steps:

  1. On the Home page, for the class you want to add the discussion to, clickActions icon> Add New Discussion.

    Actions icon Add New Discussion selected


    If you're on the Class Page, click the Overview tab, scroll down to the Discussions panel, and click Add > New Discussion.

  2. the Discussions panel

  3. See the diagram and table below for a description of the Discussion Builder.
  4. the Discussion Builder

    Discussion Builder

    Return to the Overview tab.


    Type a title (max of 100 characters) and a description (max of 1000 characters) for the discussion.


    Type a discussion prompt. You can use the text editor to format the text and add items (such as images, videos, and links). (For details on the text editor, see Edit Content.)

    D Set the minimum and maximum number of characters allowed for a reply. The range for the character limit is 10-9,999.
    E Hide replies from students who haven't submitted replies. All replies will display for a student once that student submits a reply.

    Set a due date for replies to be submitted.


    Set a date and time to close the discussion. Closed discussions are not visible to students and/or parents.

    If you set a due date for the discussion, the discussion closing date automatically defaults to the due date with a default time of 11:59 PM.

    H If adding a link to the discussion, type the Link URL. To change how the link displays in the discussion, type a Link Title.

    Select the classes you want to add the discussion to.

    Replies to the discussion for one class don't appear in the same discussion for a different class.


    Add files to the discussion by clicking Add Files and selecting a file from your computer, Google Drive, or OneDrive; or by dragging and dropping a file from an open directory or folder.

    The file size limit for attachments is 50 MB.

  5. Click Save to save the discussion.
  6. In the Discussion Saved dialog box, do one of the following:
    • To notify students and/or parents that you've posted a discussion, click Send E-Mail Notification. (See Automatically Send E-mail Notifications.)
    • To exit the Discussion Builder without sending an e-mail, click OK.