Access and Reply to a Discussion

To reply to a discussion posted to one of your classes, follow these steps:

  1. On the Home page, click Overview.
  2. On the Overview tab, scroll down to the Coursework panel and find the discussion you want to participate in. If you can't find the discussion you're looking for, set the following filters:

    Coursework Filters

    Coursework Panel Filters
    A Select the class the discussion is assigned to.
    B Select Upcoming Coursework, Past Due Coursework, All Pending Coursework, or Completed Coursework.
    C Select Discussions.
  3. Once you find the discussion you want to participate in, go to the Actions column, and click Go to Discussion.

    Actions Column

  4. On the discussion page, click Reply to Topic.
  5. Type your reply, using the text editor to format the text and add links, images, and tables.

    the text editor

  6. Click Submit to post your reply.
  7. a discussion reply

    To edit or delete a reply, click the Actions icon, and then click Edit Reply or Delete Reply.