Create Score Symbols

Teachers use score symbols to grade students on individual assignments in their gradebooks. The symbols can be numbers, letters, or symbols, such as letter grades, Pass or Fail, or check plus or minus. Each symbol represents an exact percentage value (that is, not a range). For example, a B+ could be exactly 89%, whereas an A- could be exactly 92%. In addition, the symbols can only be modified in the Gradebook Management Site in order to maintain consistency across the school.

  1. Click Scores, and click Additional Score Symbols.
  2. Click Add Score Symbol.

    Add Score Symbol

  3. Enter the score Name, Code, Shortcut, and numerical Value.

    Add Score Symbol

    Score symbols do not have to exist in your school's AdminPlus Grade Table, as they do not show on report cards or other reports in AdminPlus.

  4. Do one of the following:

    • Click Save and Add Another to save the current score symbol and continue adding more.
    • Click Save.
  5. To edit a score symbol, click Edit Icon beside the symbol.
  6. To delete a score symbol, click Delete Icon beside the symbol.

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