Add Score Annotations

You can create a variety of ready-to-use annotations for teachers to choose from, such as "Great Work," "Incomplete Work," "Turned in Late," or "Late with no Penalty." Each annotation is represented by a code to make it easier for teachers to add the annotation to a column score. Although only the annotation codes display on Score columns, the actual annotations are visible to parents and students on PlusPortals.

  1. Click Scores, and then click Score Annotations.
  2. Click Add Score Annotation.

    Add Score Annotations

  3. Type the annotation code and its description. For example, "INC" would be the code, and "Incomplete" would be the description.
  4. Do one of the following:

    • Click Save and Add Another to save the current annotation and continue adding more.
    • Click Save.
  5. To edit an annotation, click Edit Icon beside the annotation.
  6. To delete an annotation, the click Delete Icon beside the annotation.
  7. To allow teachers to add their own annotations, select the check box Allow Teachers to add Score Annotations.

Use Filter Icon at the top of the Code and Description columns to sort through the annotations and only display the ones relevant to you.

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