Change Marking Period Start Dates

TeacherPlus displays the current marking period to teachers, depending upon the date each period has been set to in the TeacherPlus Management Site. When teachers are not in the current marking period, TeacherPlus displays a red warning, notifying them of what the present marking period is.

  1. Click General Settings, and then click Marking Period Start Dates.
  2. Click Calender Icon beside a marking period to browse the calender, and then click a start date.

    Marking Period Dates

  3. Repeat step 2 to set the start date of another marking period.
  4. Optional: If you wish to disable marking period dates, select the Disable Marking Period Dates check box.

    If you disable this feature, teachers will no longer be notified of what the current marking period is when they're currently viewing a different one. For more information about this feature, click Help Icon.

  5. Click Save.

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