Set Demographic Fields

Demographic fields are imported from AdminPlus. From the TeacherPlus Management Site, you can choose which student demographic fields teachers are able to view in their gradebooks.

Export Demographics from AdminPlus

  1. In AdminPlus, click Tools on the menu bar, and then click TeacherPlus Setup & Sync Manager.
  2. Click Demographic Fields.

    Select Demographic Fields

  3. Hold down the Control key while clicking the demographic fields you want to export.
  4. Click Right Arrow to import the selected fields, and then click Done [F10]. You can also click Double Right Arrow to import all demographics fields.

Select Demographic Fields in the TeacherPlus Management Site

  1. Click General Settings, and then click Demographic Fields.
  2. In the Available Fields column, hold down the Control key while clicking each demographic field you want displayed.

    Demographic Fields

  3. Click Right Arrow to transfer the selected fields to the Selected Fields column. Alternatively, click Double Right Arrow to transfer all available demographic fields.
  4. To remove a demographic field from the Selected Fields column, click the field, and then click Left Arrow. Alternatively, click Double Left Arrow to clear all transferred fields.
  5. Optional: Select the Show Contact Details check box to display the contact information of a student's guardians when a teacher clicks the student's name in TeacherPlus.

    Show Contact Details

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