Configure Attendance

All AdminPlus attendance codes are imported into the TeacherPlus Management Site. From the Management Site, you can select which codes are available to teachers in their gradebooks. In addition, you can set which day the Weekly Attendance View chart begins with.

  1. Click General Settings, and then click Attendance.
  2. In the School Week area, select the check box for each day of the school week for which teachers will take attendance.

    Select School Week Days

  3. Click a day from the First Day Of Week list.

    The day you select is the day the GradeBook's Attendance Weekly View will begin with.

    Weekly Attendane View

  4. In Available Codes, hold down the Control key while clicking each attendance code to be used.

    Select Attendance

  5. Click Right Arrow to transfer the codes to the Selected Codes area.
  6. In the Selected Codes area, use the up and down arrows to sort the attendance codes in the order you would like teachers to see them in the Attendance column of TeacherPlus.

    Sort Attendance Codes

    The following figure illustrates how teachers see the order of the attendance codes.

    TeacherPlus Attendance Code Order

  7. Click Save.

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