Integrate IEP Direct

If your school uses IEP Direct, teachers can see students' IEPs right in TeacherPlus, without having to first import them into AdminPlus. Clicking the IEP icon in the IEP column in TeacherPlus opens the IEP directly from IEP Direct’s website.

In order for IEP Direct to work, you must store the IEP Direct ID in a field in your AdminPlus database.

  1. In AdminPlus, click Tools, and then click TeacherPlus Setup & Sync Manager.
  2. In the TeacherPlus Setup & Sync Manager, click Send (Sync) Settings.
  3. In the General Specifications dialog box, use option 3 to select the field containing your IEP Direct ID.

    Specify IEP Direct ID Field

  4. Back in the TeacherPlus Setup & Sync Manager, click Select Demographic Fields, and make sure the IEP Direct ID field is in the Selected Fields column. This ensures teachers have access to the field with the IEP Direct ID in their gradebooks.
  5. In the TeacherPlus Management Site, click General Settings, and then click IEP Direct.

    IEP Direct Specifications

  6. In the Enter IEP Direct Specifications area, select the Enable IEP Direct check box, and specify the following:

    • Security Token: Security token provided by IEP Direct.
    • SMS Token: Unique token provided by IEP Direct.
    • User Role: A user's role, such as Principal, Teacher, or any other short string.
    • Viewer Type: Data as provided by IEP Direct.

For information on how teachers can enable the IEP column in their gradebook, see View a Student's IEP .

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