Set up a New Gradebook School Year

After setting up a new school year in AdminPlus, you must also go through the new year process for TeacherPlus. This process ensures a gradebook archive is created for the previous year and that your settings are carried over to the new year. Please note that running this process will temporarily remove teachers’ access to their gradebooks of the school year that has ended. This topic assumes you know how to set up a new AdminPlus year.

By completing the new year process, you will accomplish the following:

  • Copy the following TeacherPlus Management Site settings from the previous year to the new year:

    • Default categories
    • Grade scales and the courses to which they are linked
    • Semester and final average formulas
    • Skill grade settings
    • Additional score symbols
    • Score annotations
    • Demographic field selections
    • Column settings
    • Attendance code selections
    • Comment settings
    • Narrative settings
    • Combined Progress Report settings
    • Management Site user accounts and their credentials
    • Teacher accounts with credentials
  • Copy the following gradebook teacher settings:

    • Categories and their weights

      Categories are stored by gradebook in order to make it possible for different classes to have different categories and weights. If the Management Site setting allows teachers to edit categories and weights, then the new year process will attempt to copy what the teacher created in the previous year to the new year. This will only work if the teacher taught the same class in the previous year; otherwise, their initial categories will come from the Management Site defaults.

      Teachers must inspect all of their categories and weights to make sure the categories and weights are as they want them to be in the new school year.

    • Settings
    • Report settings
    • Templates
    • Teacher-defined annotations
    • View > Sort Columns
    • View > Header Rows
    • View > Statistics
    • View > Gradebooks > Also Show in the Gradebook Menu > Line 2
  • Create archival Excel files for all of your gradebooks for the year that has ended. These Excel files can be found in the TeacherPlus Archival Excel Files folder, located on your server in the RS4 folder.

    Creating this archive is a manual process, shown in step 5 below.

To set up a new TeacherPlus year, do the following:

  1. On the toolbar in AdminPlus, change the school year to the new year.

    Change School Year

  2. On the toolbar, click Setup > General > Current And Scheduling Year.
  3. Change the Current Year (Active Year) to the new school year, set Scheduling Year to NONE, and then click Done.

    Active Year

    The next step involves accessing the Sync Manager to finalize creating the new year in AdminPlus and to create an Excel archive of gradebooks.

  4. Click Tools > TeacherPlus Setup & Sync Manager, and then click Create New Year. Select the previous Active Year to copy TeacherPlus Gradebook User details, and then click Done [F10]. Confirm the warning.

    Create a New Year

    To send pictures and IEP documents to the new year, click Tools > TeacherPlus Setup & Sync Manager, and then, under Send to Teacher Plus, click All Data (Since Year Start). In the TeacherPlus Gradebook Sync: All dialog-box select Send All Pictures and Send All IEP Files.

    Sync All Complete

  5. Click Create Archival Excel Files, select the school year that just ended, and click Done [F10].

    Create Archival Excel Files

    A message appears, indicating that the archive has been saved to RS4 > TeacherPlus Archival Excel Files on your computer.

    Archive Created Sucessfully

    You can then navigate to the specified location on your computer to access the archive.

    TeacherPlus Archival Excel Files Folder

    Inside the TeacherPlus Archival Excel Files folder, a folder is created for each gradebook school year archive.

    Archival Folders

    The last step involves accessing the TeacherPlus Management Site to set the marking period start dates for the new school year.

  6. In the TeacherPlus Management Site, click General Settings > Marking Period Start Dates, and set the marking period dates for the new school year.

    When teachers next open TeacherPlus, they will see the new school year's courses and rosters.

Now that you've created a new year, proceed to creating archival Excel files of gradebooks.

If, for any reason, you need to modify gradebook information for the school year that has ended, do the following:

  1. Change the school year to the year that has ended on the AdminPlus toolbar.
  2. Make the school year the active year (Setup > General > Current And Scheduling Year).
  3. Using the TeacherPlus Setup & Sync Manager, perform a All Data (Since Year Start) sync.

    The gradebooks for the school year that ended will be back and can be edited. Please be aware that this process undoes the gradebook new school year process described in the beginning of this topic.

  4. Repeat steps 1-3 to return to the new school year.

This topic was last updated on August 09, 2017.

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