Calculate Averages

Calculate report card column averages through the Calc Avg feature in the Report Card module. You can assign column weights to individual columns after you choose which columns to calculate the average of.

How are averages calculated?

Averages are calculated according to the following:

  • Any column with a weight of 0 isn't included in the calculation.
  • Any column that already has a grade is skipped, unless the Replace Existing Grade option is set to Yes, in which case the grade is overwritten.
  • If any grade is in the Final column, and the Final average isn't the desired average being calculated, the column is skipped.
  • If a grade of I, W, WP, or WF appears in a weighted column, that grade becomes the average.
  • If any user-defined grade is in an Exam column, the exam grade isn't included in the calculation, and the remaining columns are weighted against each other when the average is calculated.
  • If any user-defined grade is in a weighted column, other than an Exam column, an average can't be calculated for this course because the system doesn't know how to process these grades.
  • If a blank entry is found in a weighted column, that column is skipped, and the remaining columns are weighted against each other.
  • When calculating number grade averages, the quality points table isn't used and the value used is equal to the number. Averages are calculated to six decimal places, and then rounded to the closest grade. Fives are always rounded up. For example, a grade of 89.5 becomes a 90, and a grade of 89.49 or 89.499999 becomes an 89. Also, number grades below the minimum grade are raised to the minimum grade when calculating averages.
  • If you choose to calculate averages using AdminPlus, averages are calculated to six decimal places using weights in the same manner as number grades. Then the grades are converted back to letter grades based on the following table, which comes programmed into AdminPlus and can't be edited:

    It's not advisable to calculate letter grade averages using AdminPlus, and teachers should manually calculate averages.

Calculate Averages

  1. In Report Cards, click Calc Avg.
  2. Click 1. Calculate averages, and click Next.
  3. Click Three Dots next to the Calculate Which Column drop-down list, click a column to calculate, and click Select.

    Click Column to Calculate

  4. Choose whether or not to replace existing grades by clicking Yes or No for the Replace Existing Grades specification.
  5. Choose which type of grades to calculate by clicking Letter or Number for the Calculate Letter Or Number Grades specification, and click Done.

    Calculate Average Specifications

  6. Enter the weight for each of your columns, and click Done.

    Weight Columns

    Enter column weights in the following format: 20% = 020.00.

    The column for which you're calculating an average displays THIS COLUMN BEING CALCULATED.

  7. Click 1. All sections, and click Done.
  8. Optional: To view a report with students' averages for each marking period, click 6. View log, and then click Next.

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