Manage Course Skills

Course skills are an important element of effective teaching methods, as they provide students clear learning goals during the school year. For example, a course skill for a math class could be "Can multiply by 5 up to 50." Create skills and assign them to multiple courses through the Cust RC feature in the Report Cards module.

Create a Course Skill

  1. In Report Cards, click Cust RC.
  2. Click 7. Skills and concepts, and click Next.
  3. In the View, Edit or Print Skills dialog box, click Add [F2].
  4. Enter your new skill code in the Code box.
  5. Enter this skill category in the Group Heading box.

    Common group categories include writing, reading, social development, and other similar headings.

  6. Enter a skill description in the Description box, and click Accept [F10].

    View, Edit, or Print Skills Dialog Box

Assign a Skill to a Course

  1. In Report Cards, click Ent. Courses.
  2. Click 1. View/edit courses & sections, and click Next.
  3. Click Lookup [F6] in the leftmost panel, click the course to which you want to assign a skill, and click Select.

    Course Lookup

  4. Click Skills [Alt+S] in the left panel of the View/Edit Courses And Sections dialog box.
  5. In the Assign Skills to Course dialog box, click a skill from the Available Skills list, and then click Right Arrow to assign the skill to your course.

    Assign Skills

    To remove a skill from the Selected Skills list, click the skill, and then click Left Arrow.

  6. Click Accept [F10] once you have assigned all applicable skills to this course.

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