Add a Course

The status of courses in a school often changes, whether courses are added, deleted, or inactivated. You can add a course and assign all required course information in the Report Cards module. However, you should always contact Technical Support before deleting or inactivating a course, as these actions could cause errors in your transcript history.

  1. Click New > Course on the main navigation bar.
  2. Click an **UNUSED** course number, and click Select.

    Unused Course Number

  3. Enter the Course Name, Description, and Level.
  4. Enter the department code in the Department <0 to 9> box.

    To access a list of department codes, click Cust RC, click 6. Enter department names, and click Next.

  5. Enter the maximum number of students to be scheduled into this course in the Optimum Section Size box.
  6. In the Course Length <Q/S/A> drop-down list, click A for year-long courses, S for semester-long courses, or Q for quarter or trimester courses.
  7. Enter a priority number for this course on a scale of 0–5, with 0 being the highest priority, in the Priority <0 to 5> 0 = box.
  8. Enter the number of credits assigned to this course in the Credits box.
  9. Enter the weight of the course in the Weight box.

    The weight of a course is usually equal to the number of credits.

  10. In the GPA Factor box, do one of the following:
    • Enter a 0 if you add your GPA Factor, or enter a 1 if you multiply your GPA Factor.

      This applies to courses which aren't considered to be honors courses.

    • Enter the number that will be added to a student's GPA if this is an honors course.
    • Enter the number that will be multiplied by the student's GPA if this is an honors course.
  11. Optional: Enter a course number to be linked to this course in the Course Link box.
  12. Optional: To exclude this course from certain calculations, clear the Count in Honor Rolls check box, the Count in Simple GPA check box, or the Count in Adjusted GPA check box.
  13. Enter any text books a student may need in the Texts box.

    The Texts box can fit up to 12 characters, so if you require additional space for your text books, see the tip at the end of the topic.

  14. Enter the cost of any books in the Cost box.

    The Cost box can fit up to 6 characters.

  15. Enter any course fees in the Fee box, and click Accept [F10].

    New Course Info

    The Fee box can contain up to 6 characters.

If you require additional space for any of your fields, such as text books, click Ext.Crs. [Alt+X] from the left panel. Enter any additional information, and click Done [F10].

Extended Course Info

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