Generate a Transcript

Generate and print a transcript for students in each grade, and customize the report to display a specific number of previous years. The Report Cards Report Writer has many extensive specifications you can use to configure the transcript. For instance, you can choose which columns to include as well as which dates the transcript will display, among various other options.

  1. In Report Cards, click RC RW.
  2. Click 3 Print a WIDE Transcript by year for a wide transcript, or click 5 Print a NARROW Transcript by year for a narrow transcript, and click Select.
  3. Click Three Dots next to the Active Letter/Report box, click the desired transcript report, and click Select.

  4. Choose the proper dates for specifications A, B, and C by clicking Three Dots next to each box, clicking the appropriate date, and then clicking Select.

  5. Click Three Dots next to the Att. Box Term Ending Dates box, set the marking period end dates, and click Done.

    Page 1 RC RW

  6. Click Page 3, click Yes next to any specifications which you wish to include on your printed transcript.

    Page 3 RC RW

  7. Click Page 4, set the appropriate year range for specifications 1 and 2 by clicking Three Dots next to each box, click the proper year, and click Select.

    Page 4 RC RW

  8. Click Done.
  9. Click the desired grade from the Grade level drop-down list, and click Next.
  10. Click 1. All students alphabetically, and click Next.

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