Generate Class Rank

Generate the class rank for individual grades using the Stat Reps feature. Use simple or adjusted GPAs and quality points to create the class rank, and optionally include the class rank on students' report cards. The following figure is an example of a class rank report.

Class Rank Report

  1. In Report Cards, click Stat Reps.
  2. Click 2. Grade point averages, and click Next.
  3. Click 1. Print class rank report, and click Next.
  4. In the Print Class Rank Report dialog box, do either of the following for the 2. Also Print to Disk (Must Do For Transcripts) specification:
    • Click Yes to include the class rank on report cards.
    • Click No to exclude the class rank on report cards.
  5. Click USE CAREER DATA from the 3. Use Career Or Last Update Data drop-down list.
  6. Click USE SIMPLE GPA DATA from the 4. Use Simple Or Adjusted GPA's/Qual Pts drop-down list.

    Click USE ADJUSTED GPA DATA to include extra points awarded from honors classes when calculating the class rank.

  7. Click GPA'S, CREDITS, or QUALITY POINTS from the Search By GPA, Credits Or Quality Points drop-down list to determine what value the class rank is calculated with.

    Print Class Rank Report

  8. Click Done.
  9. Click a grade to use for the class rank calculation from the Grade number drop-down list, and click Next.
  10. Click Print [F9].

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