Copy First Semester Grades into the Final Grade Column

During the school year, you can rearrange data in your report card columns. For example, you can copy your first semester grades into the final grade column of your first semester. This task is useful to award a student a final semester grade based solely on their performance in that semester.

  1. In Report Cards, click Calc Avg.
  2. Click 1. Calculate averages, and click Next.
  3. Click Three Dots next to the Calculate Which Column box, click FINAL GRADE, and click Select.

  4. Click Three Dots next to Include Which Sections, click Semester 1 Sections Only (Not All Yr), and click Select.

    The following figure illustrates steps 2–4.

    Calculate Averages

  5. Click Done.
  6. Enter 100.00 in the First Marking Period box, enter 000.00 in all other boxes, and click Done.

    100 Column Weight

  7. Click 1. All sections, and click Next.

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