Add a New Item to the Portfolio

Using the portfolio feature, your school can upload documents for parents, students, and teachers. After adding items to the portfolio, you have the flexibility to customize who can access each item. For more information on managing portfolio permissions, see the topic Edit Portfolio Document Permissions.

  1. On the Demographics screen, click a student, and click Portfolio Icon.

  2. Click Add New [F2].
  3. Select a file on your computer.
  4. Add a Description and any Remarks in their respective boxes.
  5. Click Search for the Date to choose the date if the date is different than the present day.

  6. Do either of the following:
    • Click a category from the Category drop-down list.
    • Click Add New, click Add [F2] in the Portfolio Category dialog box, enter the name of the new category, click Save [F10], click Done, and then click the category from the Category drop-down list.
  7. To assign other AdminPlus users as Co-Owners, select the check box(es) next to any users' names.


    A Co-Owner can access, edit, and delete this portfolio item. You may assign more than one other Co-Owner to an item.

  8. To set Parent, Teacher, or Student visibility, do either of the following in the respective area:

    • Click Visible to allow all parents, teachers, and/or students to access this item.
    • Click Not Visible to restrict all parents, teachers, and/or students from accessing this item.

    The following figure illustrates steps 8–10.

    Visibility Permissions

  9. To set AdminPlus user visibility, do one of the following:
    • Click Default to give each AdminPlus user the visibility that was assigned to his or her user rights.

      For more information on setting user rights, see the topic Edit User Rights.

    • Click Always Visible to allow AdminPlus users to access this item.
    • Click Not Visible to restrict all AdminPlus users from accessing this item.
  10. Click Done.

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