Store and Access Portfolio Items

The portfolio feature of AdminPlus establishes a central location where staff can access students' documents as well as their own. Portfolio documents can also be synchronized with PlusPortals and made available to teachers, students, and parents. This guide covers the entire portfolio set-up process in AdminPlus and PlusPortals for administrators. It also includes a topic on how teachers, parents, and students can access their portfolio documents once you, the administrator, has set everything up. The AdminPlus part of this process involves the following:

  • Adding documents or reports to the portfolio
  • Configuring portfolio document permissions
  • Synchronizing portfolio documents with PlusPortals

The PlusPortals part of this process includes:

  • Using the admin portal to manage which portfolio categories teachers, students, and parents can access
  • Accessing the portfolio documents in the teacher, parent, and student portals using E-Locker

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