The Discipline Plus module of AdminPlus tracks information related to disciplinary incidents. Using Discipline Plus, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Customize discipline codes based on your school's policies on conduct
  • Edit students' discipline records by adding, editing, and deleting disciplinary incidents
  • Review students' discipline records
  • Print personalized discipline letters for parents or guardians
  • Generate custom discipline reports
  • Print penalty attendance forms to track outstanding penalties owed by students
  • Enter served codes for students serving penalties

Because Discipline Plus is synced to PlusPortals, teachers and administrators can submit incidents to AdminPlus from their teacher portals and mobile apps, respectively. If permitted, parents can view disciplinary incidents involving their students from their parent portals.

Who Should Read This Guide

This guide is for administrators who track disciplinary incidents for their school.


This guide assumes that you have performed the following tasks in Data Base Plus:

  • Set up the database with all grade levels and staff
  • Entered names into your database for all grade levels and staff

What's Next

The first step to using Discipline Plus involves setting up the discipline codes used by the program to track disciplinary incidents. See Discipline Codes.

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