Discipline Codes

Before you can begin tracking student behavior in your school, you must set up your discipline codes based on your school's policies on student conduct. Discipline Plus uses five types of discipline codes, which are described in the table below.

Because some of the discipline codes are linked, you must set them up in the order shown in the table.

    Discipline Codes
Order Code Description
1 Penalties

Represent the different types (or categories) of penalties given in response to an infraction. Examples of penalties include detention, internal suspension, and Saturday school. Penalty totals display in a student's discipline record and incident reports. (See Add Penalty Codes to the Penalty List.)

2 Actions

Describe how students are held accountable for infractions. Examples of actions include detention for one hour, internal suspension for one day, and Saturday school for four hours. You link actions to penalties and specify penalty amounts. When applied, an action adds to a student's penalty totals. (See Add Action Codes to the Action List.)

3 Infractions

Describe the school policies being violated. Examples of infractions include cheating, violating the school dress code, and disrupting class. You can link an infraction to six actions (one for each occurrence of the infraction). The action applied to a specific infraction depends on the number of times the student has committed the infraction. (See Add Infraction Codes to the Infraction List.)

4 Served Codes

Represent time served for an infraction. Examples of served codes include detention served one hour, internal suspension served one day, and Saturday school served four hours. You can link served codes to actions and penalties. When entered, served codes subtract from a student's penalty totals. (See Add Served Codes to the Served List.)

5 Locations

Describe the place and/or time an incident occurs. Although adding a location is optional, you can use this data to generate a statistical report that lists where and when infractions occur in your school, identifying areas and times of day that may need increased supervision. ( See Add Location Codes to the Location List.)

See also How Discipline Codes Work.

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