Add Penalty Codes to the Penalty List

Penalties describe the different types (or broad categories) of actions taken in response to an infraction. When setting up your discipline data, define your penalties first. Then, when you create your actions, you can link them to the appropriate penalties. You can define up to eight penalties, including penalties for state reporting purposes.

Because you generate attendance forms based on penalties, create penalty categories broad enough to cover all actions used by your school.

  1. On the Shortcut bar, click Discipline, and then click Codes.
  2. On the Penalty list tab, click Add [F2] to move to the first unused record in the list.
  3. Type an abbreviated code for the penalty.
  4. Codes can be alphanumeric, but must start with a letter and be no longer than four characters.

  5. Type a description for the penalty using up to 40 characters.
  6. Click Accept [F10] to save the code.
  7. View, Edit or Print Penalty List dialog box

Next Step

Now that you've created your penalty codes, you can create your action codes. (See Add Action Codes to the Action List.)