Add Location Codes to the Location List

After adding served codes, you can add location codes to describe where and when infractions occur in your school. You can add up to 250 location codes.


You can create a location code called "Boys second floor restroom" and one called "Before school". When submitting a disciplinary incident, you can add both codes to describe where and when the incident occurred.

Location codes are optional; however, if your staff consistently enters location codes when submitting incident reports, you can use the information to generate a statistical report that shows the areas of your school and times of day that may require more supervision. See Statistical Reports.

  1. On the Shortcut bar, click Discipline, and then click Codes.
  2. Click the Location list tab.
  3. Click Add [F2] to move to the first unused record in the list.
  4. In Code, type an abbreviated code for the location.
  5. Codes can be alphanumeric, but must start with a letter and be no longer than four characters.

  6. See the figure and table below for the remaining options:
  7. View, Edit or Print Infraction List dialog box

      Location Code Settings
    A Type a description for the location using up to 40 characters.

    Click Accept [F10] to save the code.

    C Print a list of action codes in the system. Click Numeric Order to print them in the same order as the action list.