Add Action Codes to the Action List

After you define your penalties, you create the actions that describe how students in your school serve those penalties. The actions you create reflect the actions your administration takes for student infractions. You can define up to 250 actions.

  1. On the Shortcut bar, click Discipline, and then click Codes.
  2. Click the Action list tab.
  3. Click Add [F2] to move to the first unused record in the list.
  4. In Code, type an abbreviated code for the action.
  5. Codes can be alphanumeric, but must start with a letter and be no longer than four characters.

  6. See the figure and table below for the remaining options:
  7. View, Edit or Print Infraction List dialog box

      Action Code Settings
    A Type a description for the action using up to 40 characters.

    Optional: Type the code for the penalty you want linked to the action; or click Penalty Code, and then click Lookup [F6] to select a penalty code from the list.

    Some actions, such as parent conference or expulsion, don't need to be linked to a penalty.


    Type the amount of penalty, such as the hours of detention or days of suspension, you want added to the student's penalty totals when the action is applied. Enter penalty amounts as whole numbers or decimals (0.5 for 30 minutes).


    You create an action called "Detention for 1 hour" (with the code DET1), link it to the penalty "Detention" (DET), and assign a penalty amount of 1. When that action is applied to a student with two outstanding detentions, the student's total number of outstanding detentions increases to 3.

    D Click Accept [F10] to save the code.
    E Print a list of action codes in the system. Click Numeric Order to print them in the same order as the action list.

Next Step

With your action codes created, you can create your infraction codes. (See Add Infraction Codes to the Infraction List.)