Import Pictures

You can personalize your AdminPlus experience by importing pictures of students to display in the student snapshot.

If the pictures are named according to the Administrator's Plus ID number (for example, 12001.bmp) they can be copied into the RS4\DATA\SchoolName\SchoolYear\Pix folder, which associates the picture with the appropriate student. This method only works with the Administrator's Plus ID.

To import a picture for an individual student, do the following:

  1. In Data Base, click Address, and click a student.
  2. Click the Pictures Plus hot key at the upper-left corner.

    Picture Plus Key

  3. In the Pictures Plus dialog box, click Photos on the menu bar, and then click Import Photo.

    Import Picture

  4. Click Open File.

    Open File

  5. Browse for the picture file, and click Open.
  6. Click Save Student Picture.

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