Change Date Format

If you're logged in as supervisor, you can change how dates are displayed in AdminPlus database fields. When you change the date format, the new format applies to all fields that have been set as a date field type.

Dates stored in database fields that aren't set as date fields (for example, database fields set as text or numeric field types) won't be changed.

You can only change the date format once each time you log in to AdminPlus. If you've already changed the date format since your last login, attempting to change the date format again will result in a warning message that prompts you to close AdminPlus and log in again.

Warning Message

To change the date format for database fields, do the following:

  1. In the AdminPlus toolbar, click Setup > General > Date Format and Currency Symbol.
  2. For Date Format, select the desired format using the drop-down list, and then click Done.

    Specifications: Date Format/Currency Symbol/Font Dialog Box

    The Please Note message appears to confirm that you want to change the date format for all database fields. Click Done to continue.

    Please Note Message

  3. Restart AdminPlus to refresh the date format.

    The date format will only update once you've closed AdminPlus and logged in again. Database fields don't automatically refresh when you click Done to confirm the Please Note message.

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