Create a Personalized Demographics Screen

While looking at student or staff demographic information in AdminPlus, you can utilize the Screen feature to create a personalized view to display information in your preferred order. The Screen feature provides the flexibility for you to show your most frequently accessed demographic information on any demographic tab so you can easily find student and staff information.

  1. In Data Base, click Demographics on the Home screen.
  2. Click Screen Icon.

    Screen Feature

  3. In the View/Edit Which Screen dialog box, click an unused screen, and click Select.

    Select Unused Screen

  4. In the upper-right corner, click Student to display student fields, or click Staff to display staff fields.

  5. Click a tab on the right side of the Selected Fields column to choose which page you want your fields to be displayed on.

    Selected Fields and Pages

  6. Click a field in the Selected Fields column, and click Left Arrow to remove the field from your screen view, or click Delete All [F7] to clear all the Selected Fields.

  7. Click a tab on the left side of the Available Fields column to navigate through the different fields.

    Available Fields and Tabs

  8. Click a field in the Available Fields column, and click Right Arrow to add the field to your screen view.

  9. Repeat steps 5–8 to assign the desired fields to your screen.
  10. Click Accept [F10].
  11. In the Rename Screen dialog box, enter a name for your screen, and click Done.

    Rename Screen

  12. Click the desired screen from the Current Screen drop-down list to show your personalized view.

    Change Screen View

The following diagram summarizes how to personalize your demographics tabs (steps 4–10):

Personalize Tabs Diagram

  Personalize Demographics Tabs
A Each tab (page) corresponds to a tab on your personalized Demographics screen. Clicking a tab displays all assigned fields for that tab.
B The demographic fields you've assigned for the selected tab appear in the Selected Fields column.
C Use the left arrow to remove/clear an assigned field in the Selected Fields column. This is how you make room for a new personalized field.
D Each one of these tabs presents you with a number of different available demographic fields you can choose from. (These tabs represent your options but not your actual selections.)
E Clicking a tab on the left displays all available demographic fields for that tab in the Available Fields column. (These fields represent your available options but not your actual selections.)
F Use the right arrow to assign/personalize a field by transferring the field from the Available Fields column to the Selected Fields column.

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