Add a Report to the Portfolio

The portfolio can store documents as well as reports that are generated directly in AdminPlus. For your convenience, you can configure a report to be added to the portfolio immediately, upon generating the report. You only need to enable this report feature once for every report you want to add to the portfolio, unless the information about the report changes.

Enable a Report for the Portfolio

Instead of generating a report, saving it on your computer, and manually adding the document to the portfolio, you can save time by adding the report to the portfolio immediately after the report is generated.

  1. Generate the desired report.
  2. In the Print menu, click Portfolio Reports Settings, and then click a report writer.
  3. Click a report, and click Select.
  4. In the Portfolio Reports Settings dialog box, select the Add to Portfolio check box.

    The following figure illustrates steps 3–8.

    Portfolio Reports Settings

  5. Add a description and any remarks in the Description and Remarks boxes.
  6. Click the appropriate category from the Category drop-down list.
  7. To set AdminPlus user visibility, do one of the following:
    • Click Default to give each AdminPlus user the respective visibility that was assigned in his or her user rights.

      For more information on setting user rights, see the topic Edit User Rights.

    • Click Yes to allow all AdminPlus users to access this item.
    • Click No to restrict all AdminPlus users from accessing this item.
  8. Optional: Select the Teachers, Parents, and/or Students check box(es) to grant visibility to the respective group(s) in PlusPortals.
  9. Click Done.

You've now enabled reports to be added to the portfolio. Close all remaining dialog boxes and proceed to the section in this topic. If applicable, repeat steps 1–9 for every report you want to enable this portfolio feature for.

Add a Report to the Portfolio

After you've enabled adding a specific report to the portfolio (by following the steps in the previous section of this topic), AdminPlus prompts you to add the report to the portfolio immediately after you add the report.

  1. Generate the desired report.

    Once the report is generated, the Add to Portfolio dialog box appears.

  2. Ensure that the information in the Add to Portfolio dialog box is accurate, and make any applicable changes if necessary (to the Description, Remarks, Category, and Visibility specifications).

    The following figure illustrates steps 1–4.

    Add to Portfolio

  3. Optional: To assign another AdminPlus user as a Co-Owner, select the check box next to that user's name.

    A Co-Owner can access, edit, and delete this portfolio item. You may assign more than one other Co-Owner to an item.

  4. Select the check box at the bottom of the dialog box to save the Description, Remarks, and Category as the default for this specific report.
  5. Click Yes.

This topic was last updated on February 08, 2018.

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