Print Labels

When you need to send letters to parents, handwriting labels for all the students in your school can be tedious. AdminPlus offers a customizable report to print multiple labels at once, so you can have quick access to labels whenever you need to send mail to students' homes.

Print Labels for Parents

  1. In Data Base, click DB RW.
  2. In the Specifications: Data Base Report Writer dialog box, configure the following settings:

    • Active Letter/Report: Click Three Dots next to the text box, click 10 LABEL: To the Parent of 3-col, and click Select.

      Make Which Report Active Dialog Box

    • Include Active/Inactive Students: Click Active Students Only, Active and Inactive Students, or Inactive Students Only, depending on which type of students you want to include.
    • Include Blank Search/Sort Categories: Click Include to include blank entries, or click Do NOT Include to only show entries with data.
    • Start Grade For All Grades: Click the beginning grade where you want to start your report from the drop-down list.
    • End Grade for All Grades: Click the last grade where you want to end your report from the drop-down list.
    • Print Preview: Choose whether or not you want to view a print preview of your report.
    • Date for Age Calculation: Click Three Dots to set the date as of which you want the ages calculated.

      Set today's date if you want to know how old students are today.

      Select a Date

    • Print Field Name or Description: Click the field name or the field description to display in the report.

    Specifications Labels

  3. Click Done.
  4. Click All grades combined to display all students in the grades you selected, and click Next.

    You can click other options in the Administrator's Plus Data Base Report Writer dialog box, depending on what you want to display in your report.

    Show All Grades Combined

  5. Click 1. All students alphabetically to display the students in alphabetical order, and click Next.

    Show All Students Alphabetically

Print One Label Per Family

  1. In Data Base, click DB RW.
  2. Click Three Dots next to the Active Letter/Report text box, choose your desired letter or report, and click Select.

    Database Report Writer

  3. Click Done.
  4. Click View / edit letters / reports, and click Next.

    View Letters Reports

  5. Click Select.

    Select Report

  6. Once the report code is generated, click Options on the menu bar, and then click 1 Student Per Phone #.

    One Student Per Phone

  7. Click Accept at the bottom right of the report.

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