Export Selected Students to an AdminPlus File

When transferring student data, you can choose a select group of students to export into an AdminPlus file. This is a two-step process: The first part involves creating a file containing the names of students to be included in the export. The second part of the process is exporting the students included in the "Special.txt" file.

Create the Export File

  1. In Data Base, click Print Prog.
  2. In the Print Program dialog box, click Inspect/change specifications, and click Next.

    Print Program Dialog Box

  3. Set your desired specifications, click Yes to Include ID Number in ASCII Exports, and click Done.

    Print Class Specifications

  4. In the Print Program dialog box, click One column...no lines...additional fields, and click Next.

    Select Report Format

  5. In the Select Fields In Order To Be Printed dialog box, click Accept [F10] at the bottom right.

    Select Fields to Print

  6. Click ASCII file, and click Next.

    ASCII File

  7. In the Save As dialog box, browse for the export location, name the file "Special.txt" (with quotes), and click Save.

    Special Text

  8. Click All grades, and then click Next.

    All Grades

  9. Click Individual students/groups, and click Next.

    Individual Students Groups

  10. In the Print Class Lists dialog box, click Lookup.

    Lookup Print Class List

  11. In the Advanced Lookup dialog box, click each desired student while holding down the Ctrl key, and click Select.
  12. Click Accept [F10] to generate a report and the ASCII file.

Export the Students Included in the File

  1. In Data Base, click New Files.
  2. Click Search, click a student from the Advanced Lookup dialog box, and click Select.

  3. Click Specs. [Alt+S].


  4. In the Specifications: New Files dialog box, click the Page 2 tab.
  5. Set 2. Process Selected Students From File to Yes.
  6. In 3. Path, browse for the location of the "Special.txt" file.
  7. Make sure 4. File Name is set to SPECIAL.TXT.

    Specifications New Files

  8. Click Done.
  9. In the New Files dialog box, click Other [F9].


  10. Click Export to Administrator's Plus file, and then click Next.

    Export to AdminPlus

  11. Click Done.

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