Generate a Quick Print Report

The F9 Print hot key is found at the rightmost side of most student data entry screens. Clicking this hot key generates the default report for the current screen. You can customize this feature to generate a specific report for the selected student. For example, you can configure the print feature in Report Cards > View/Change to generate a report card or transcript instead of the default report.

The following task is completed on the Demographics screen, but you can access the F9 print feature on any data entry screen by clicking F9 Print or pressing F9 on your keyboard.

  1. In Data Base, click Demographics.


  2. At the rightmost side of the screen, right-click F9 Print, and click Demographics: Change Report.

    Change Report

  3. Click a report from the list, and click Select.

    Change Default Report

  4. To generate this default report, click F9 Print, or press F9 on your keyboard.

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