Inactivate, Reactivate, or Delete a Student

During the school year, there might be times when you need to inactivate, reactivate, or delete a student from your AdminPlus Data Base. You can inactivate or reactivate a student at any time, but you can only delete a student if they don't have any outstanding invoices in the Billing module.

Inactivate or Reactivate a Student

  1. In Data Base, click Lookup, and select the student.

    The selected student appears in the Snapshot area.

  2. To inactivate the student, click Inactivate Icon.

    Edit Icon Student

  3. Click Inactivate this member, click Next, and then click Done.

    The student's status changes to inactive, and a red INACTIVE STUDENT label is added to the record.

    Inactive Student Label

  4. Optional: To reactivate the student in the future, repeat steps 1 and 2, select Reactivate this member, click Next, and click Done.

Delete a Student

  1. In Data Base, click Lookup.
  2. Navigate to the desired student, and click the student's name.
  3. Click Edit.

  4. Click Accept.
  5. Click Delete in the leftmost panel.

    Delete Student

  6. Confirm the warning to delete the student.

    Deletion Warning

  7. Click Done.

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