Disconnect Students from One Another

Sometimes, you may need to disconnect students from one another for various reasons. You might notice that some students who are not part of the same household become assigned to the same household ID. For example, this can happen if students have the same last name and are mistakenly assigned to the same household. You may also need to disconnect students if you have students who are related but live in different households. Moving a student from a household is a quick and effective way to disconnect the students and establish a separate household.

  1. In Data Base, click New Files.
  2. In the Add or Edit Names for Student or Staff dialog box, click Search to navigate to a student.

    Search Icon

  3. In the Advanced Lookup dialog box, click the student you want to disconnect from the other student(s), and click Select.
  4. Click Three Dots next to the Household ID field.

    Search Household ID

    The Household Lookup dialog box appears, listing all students associated with the household of the student you've looked up. However, the student you've looked up (that is, the student you're working with) doesn't appear in this list. To disconnect this student, you must assign the student to a new household, explained in the next step.

    Move Student to a New Household

  5. Click This student belongs to a new household [F2] to assign a new Household ID to the student and automatically disconnect him or her from the previous household.

    The Household Lookup dialog box closes, and a new Household ID is assigned to the student in the Household ID field.

  6. Click Accept, and then click Done.

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