Add an Existing Contact

Transfer contact records from one student to another student, without duplicating the contact entry in the database. Conveniently change the relationship of the contact to each student as needed. For example, Lori is related to two students, but she's the mother of one student and the step mother of another student.

  1. On the Demographics screen, click a student, and then click New in the student snapshot.

    Snapshot New Feature

  2. Select the Copy contacts from check box, click one of the four copy options (depending on where you want to copy contact information from), and click Next [Alt+N].

    Add New Contact Dialog Box

    Skip step 3 if you clicked Another Student With The Same Last Name, Another Student With Any Last Name, or All Contacts.

  3. Click a student at the top panel of the Select Household Student's Contacts To Copy dialog box, select the check box(es) next to the desired contact(s), click Copy Selected Contacts, and skip step 4.

    Copy Contact from Household

  4. Click the desired contact, and click Select [F10].

    Select a Contact

  5. Enter the proper contact information in the Local Fields section of the Contacts: Edit Mode dialog box.

    Local FieldsClosedFields that are specific to the relationship between the student and the contact are considered local fields. For example, local fields define the relationship between the contact and the student, determine parent portal access and which reports should be sent to the contact, and they establish if the contact can pick up the child from school.

    Local Fields

  6. Click Save [F10], and then click Done [F10].

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