Map Household Fields

After you've entered information in the Contact Data Base, data displays in the AdminPlus Data Base if the household fields are mapped accurately. Mapping the fields ensures that household contact fields and student fields are always the same. For example, you could map the Line 2 Contact Data Base field to the Apartment Number Data Base field so that the information is the same both in the Contact Database and on the Demographics screen of the Data Base module.

  1. On the Demographics screen, click a student, and click Contacts in the student snapshot at the top of the screen.


  2. Click Setup [F12], and then click Map Contact Household Fields.
  3. Click an empty cell in the Data Base Field column, and click Thin Three Dots.

    Map Household Fields

  4. Click the desired Data Base field, click Select, and then repeat steps 3 and 4 for all necessary fields.
  5. Click Done [F10].

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