Send PlusPortals Login Credentials to Users

When viewing a user group, you can send an e-mail with login credentials to a particular user or all of the users belonging to the group. The e-mail template can be customized, and we recommend that you do so prior to sending users their login credentials.

Customize the E-Mail Template

  1. On the navigation bar, click Setup E-Mail Setup.
  2. In the E-Mail Template drop-down list, click the template you want.
  3. Next to Subject, type the subject of your email.
  4. Customize the Message Body of the e-mail to suit your school's preferences.

    In the Available Macros box, located to the right of the Message Body, you'll find preset variables in brackets that you can copy and paste into the body of your e-mail template. The macros are automatically filled with your school's PlusPortals information when the e-mail is sent. For example, the [] macro is automatically substituted with your school's name. To simplify the customization process, we recommend you don't make any changes to the macros found in the default e-mail template.

  5. Click Save.


Sample E-Mail Template

E-Mail Template

Sample Login Credentials E-Mail

Login Credentials Email

Send Login Credentials to Users

  1. On the navigation bar, click Manage Accounts.
  2. Click the user group you want to send login credentials to (Parents, Students, Teachers, or Admin).
  3. Optional: Select the check boxes next to the users you want to send credentials to.
  4. In the Select E-Mail Template drop-down list, click the Login Credentials template.
  5. Click the E-Mail / Print Login Details drop-down list, and then click either E-Mail Login Details or Print Login Details.

    Send Login Credentials

  6. In the Select Criteria dialog box, do one of the following, and then click Next:

    Task Action

    Add all users from a user group to the recipient list.

    (available for all user groups)

    Click All [users].

    Add all students without e-mail addresses to the recipient list.

    (available for students when you click Print Login Details)

    Click All students who do not have an e-mail address.

    Add all students or parents from a selected grade level to the recipient list.

    (available for students or parents)

    Click [Students/Parents] by grade level.

    Add all students from the selected homeroom(s) to the recipient list.

    (available for students)

    Click Students by homeroom.

    Add selected members of a user group to the recipient list.

    (available for all user groups)

    Click Specific [users].

    Add users you selected on the [User Group] tab (if you selected any).

    (available for all user groups)

    Click [Users] previously selected on the Manage Accounts screen.
  7. In the Select Recipients dialog box, verify the selected users, and then click Next.

    Using this dialog box, you can edit the recipient list after selecting users by criteria. Clear the Show only non-activated accounts check box at the top of the dialog box to view users with activated accounts.

  8. In the Login Details Preview dialog box, verify the e-mail subject and body, and then click Continue.

    The login details are e-mailed, or, if you're printing them, they appear in the print-preview document viewer.

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