New Year Process

The New Year Process is a series of tasks that prepares your AdminPlus data for a new school year. It involves creating a new academic year to promote students as well as scheduling them for the next year. Completing these tasks doesn't affect your active year, so you can start the process at any point during the current (active) academic year. When the academic year ends, you'll transfer database and report cards data to the new year by completing the End of Year Process. For this reason, you must complete the AdminPlus New Year Process before you begin the End of Year Process.

The first part of the New Year Process is creating a new school year in AdminPlus to promote students to the next grade level. Having done so, you then proceed to other related tasks, including receiving new students from Admissions Plus Pro, sending login credentials through the PlusPortals Manager, and scheduling students in AdminPlus. When you create the new school year, you should make that year the scheduling year. In the scheduling year, you can receive new students from Admissions Plus Pro. Using the PlusPortals Manager, you can send login credentials to these new students and their parents. This gives them access to the Course Requests area of the PlusPortals.

You can schedule promoted or recently admitted students using AdminPlus scheduling features. You can add students to a course roster or add courses to an individual student's schedule. You can also use the tools provided in Scheduling Plus, such as the Super Deluxe Schedule Builder, to load students into courses.