Transfer Database Data

If you created the new year before the current school year ended, you'll need to complete a database transfer. This process transfers demographic information and verification statuses to the new year.

You can skip this process if you've completed the report cards transfer and selected Yes in the Transfer Data Base Info field of the Specifications dialog box.


Before you complete a database transfer, you must have completed the following tasks:

Database Transfer

To complete a database transfer, do the following:

  1. Make sure that all AdminPlus users are logged out of the system.
  2. In Data Base, click Transfer.
  3. Once you're certain that no other users are logged into AdminPlus, click Yes to confirm the Network Warning message.
  4. In the Specifications dialog box, configure the following settings:
    • Source Folder?: Select the current school year.
    • Transfer Students/Staff?: Click one of the following:
      • Click Students to transfer grades, contact information, and class schedule information.
      • Click Staff to transfer contact information and class schedule information.
    • Destination Folder?: Select the new school year.
    • Transfer Data Base Info?: Do one of the following:
      • Click Yes to transfer and overwrite any demographic information in the destination year, and then select which fields you want to transfer.
      • Click No to skip the database information transfer process.

        Consult your school administrators about the database transfer before overwriting data in the destination year.

    • Transfer Verification Status and Date: Do one of the following:
      • Click Yes to transfer the verification status and date for all demographic information.
      • Click No to skip the verification status and date transfer process.

      Transfer Data and ID Numbers

  5. Click Done.
  6. Click 1. Begin Transfer, and click Next.

After the transfer completes, a report appears showing a list of data that did not transfer successfully. If a student’s information didn't transfer that needs to be transferred, click 2. Individual student override.

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