End of Year Process

During the New Year Process, you created a new school year and promoted students to the next grade level to begin scheduling students for the upcoming school year. At the end of the school year, the End of Year Process will help transition from the current year to the new year. By completing the End of Year Process, you can transfer student information and report card data to the new year you created in AdminPlus, set up a new gradebook year in TeacherPlus, roll over Online Forms, and then complete the transition by making the new year your active year.

Although you can complete the New Year Process while the current year is still in session, you must only complete the End of Year Process after the New Year Process has been completed, the current year has ended, and grades have been finalized. If you complete end of year tasks while the current year is still in session, and then make changes to the current year, these changes will overwrite data in the new year.