Create an Attendance Code

Although AdminPlus comes programmed with a few attendance codes, you can add any attendance code that you want. An attendance code, which shows the attendance status of a student, must be linked to a register code, which tells what the student's certain state is. For example, a register code is Absent, and the attendance code is Absent Sick, meaning that the student is absent because he or she is sick.

  1. In Attendance, click Codes.
  2. Click the Attendance Codes tab.
  3. Click an ***UNUSED*** code to use for your new attendance code.

    Attendance codes 1–99 are for student codes. Attendance codes 100–199 are for staff member codes. Attendance code 200 is for a non-member code. Attendance codes 201–250 are for entry and withdrawal codes.

  4. Click Add [F2].
  5. Enter the new code in the Code text box.
  6. Enter a description of the code in the Description text box.

    College Visit

  7. Choose whether or not you want to enter a Time Linked Code. If you click Yes, do the following:

    1. Click the Time Linked Code text box, and click Lookup [F6].
    2. Click the attendance code, and click Select.
    3. Click Before to have the system enter the Time Linked Code before the specified time, or click After to have the system enter the Time Linked Code after the specified time.
    4. In the Time Link Time (hh:mm) text box, enter a time before or after which the Time Linked Code is to be entered.

    Dismissed CV

    For Absence Codes, it's not necessary to enter a time with the code because the student didn't attend school at all.

  8. In the Register Link area, enter the register code in the line 1. Code text box.
  9. Enter the value in the line 1. AMT (amount) text box.

    A common value is 1.00.

  10. In the line 1. E/U text box, enter E if this is an excused code, or enter U if this is an unexcused code.

    Register Link

  11. Click Accept [F10].

    The new code appears in the list.

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