Create a Lookup View

You can customize what demographic categories are displayed in Lookup to display only the information relevant to you. Then, you can save the customized View as a template for later use, enabling you to create different Views for different situations. For example, you could create a view that only displays 8th graders, sorted by gender.

  1. Click Add View at the lower-right corner of Lookup.
  2. In the Selected Fields area, click any of the default demographic fields you don't want displayed, and then click the left arrow to remove them.
    Remove Demographic Field
  3. In the Available Fields area, click the demographic fields you want to appear in Lookup, and then click the right arrow to select them.
    Select Demographic

    Use the up and down arrows to adjust the order of the fields.

  4. Name the View at the top of the dialog box.
  5. Click Done.

The following commands give you flexibility in working with and making changes to your Views:


Do this

Delete a View

Click Delete View at the lower-right corner of Lookup.

Rename a View

Click Rename View at the lower-right corner of Lookup.

Save the current View

Click Save View at the lower-right corner of Lookup after having made changes to the present View.

Save as new View

Click Save As New View at the lower-right corner of Lookup after having applied any changes to the current View.

Switch between customized Views

Click the Current View drop-down list.

Refresh a View

Click the refresh button icon Refresh Icon to the right of the Current View list. When you add a new student or staff member or edit information about him or her, click this button to refresh Lookup and display the most up-to-date demographic information.

Add a demographic column to Lookup

Right-click any column label, and click Add Column(s).

Remove a demographic column from Lookup

Right-click the column label, and click Remove This Column.

Move a demographic column manually

Drag the column label, and drop it at its new location.

Set column size to fit longest entry

Right-click the column label, and click Set Column Width to Fit Longest Entry.

Whenever you make any changes to a View, you must either save the current View or save the View as a new one in order to keep your changes.

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