Apply an Advanced Filter

Advanced filters give you greater precision in displaying demographic information in Lookup. For example, you could apply an advanced filter to display only those students whose birth dates fall in February. While applying an advanced filter, you can also use wildcard search symbols to facilitate your search.

  1. Click Apply Advanced Filter, located at the upper-right corner of Lookup.
    Advanced Filter
  2. In the Filter dialog box, type a search term in the text box.
    Advanced Filter Dialog Box
  3. Select any of the search criteria check boxes, depending on how narrow your search is.

    If your advanced filter search is confined to one demographic column only, make sure to click the column label to select it before opening the Advanced Filter dialog box.

  4. Click Apply.


Imagine that a staff member wants to display all students whose birthdays fall in February. She would first click the BIRTH DATE column label to select it, and then she would type the advanced filter "02*" to search for any students whose birth dates begin with 02. The wildcard asterisk (*) tells AdminPlus to include any day or birth year as long as the date begins with the month of February.

Use the following optional wildcard search symbols to narrow down your advanced searches:

Wildcard search symbols
* Substitute for any number of characters. For example, *east finds "Northeast" and "Southeast."
.. Substitute for any number of characters. For instance, ..east finds "Northeast" and "Southeast."
* or .. May be used as wildcards if the check box Match whole word only is selected.
? Substitute for any single character. For example, sm?th finds "smith" and "smyth."
# Substitute for any single digit. For instance, 1#3 finds 103, 113, and 123.
%% Find a field with no data (blank).
<>%% Find a field that's NOT blank.
> Greater than
< Less than

Remember that after applying an advanced filter, you can save the information displayed as a new View by clicking Save View As at the lower-right corner of Lookup.

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