Apply a Lookup Filter

Lookup filters are a great way to confine your Lookup View to a specific subcategory of a demographic column. For example, if you wanted to display only female students in the fourth grade, you could apply the gender and grade filters to display only the students within that criteria. For every demographic column displayed in Lookup, there is a filter to be applied.

  1. Click a demographic filter category at the bottom of Lookup.
    Lookup Filter
  2. In the Filter dialog box, select the check box for the filter you would like to apply, and then click Select. For example, if you clicked the Grade filter to search for students in the fourth grade only, the next step would be selecting the check box 04.
    Grade Filter
  3. Repeat step 2 to apply additional filters.
  4. To clear a specific filter you've applied, click the delete icon Delete Filter Icon beside the filter.
  5. To clear all filters you've applied, click Clear Filters at the lower-right corner of Lookup.

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