The Lookup Screen

The Lookup screen offers a wide array of options to find and view data on students and staff. In addition, you can access other AdminPlus modules from Lookup with one click.

The following diagram and table illustrate each functionality that makes Lookup a powerful tool for searching and displaying demographic information:

Lookup Overview

Lookup features (see diagram above)

Search for students or staff based on any demographic column.


Switch between the student or staff database, and choose whether to search for a person based on the first characters in his or her demographic field or a sequence of characters contained therein.


Switch between AdminPlus modules to quickly edit any information about the selected student or staff member.


Apply advanced filters to narrow down your searches, and use Advanced Sort to organize Lookup hierarchically.


Configure different Lookup View templates and switch between them, depending on your preference.


Create, save, rename, and delete Lookup View templates.


Apply Lookup filters to display very specific demographic information.

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