Set a Task as a Favorite

Accessing the daily tasks that matter most to you is only a click away when you set them as favorites. AdminPlus enables you to set up to 20 tasks as favorites across any modules.

  1. Click the Favorites star icon Favorites Icon at the upper-right corner of AdminPlus.
  2. In the My Favorites dialog box, click Manage Favorites on the bottom left.
  3. In the Selected Favorites column, remove any of the default favorites by clicking the delete icon.
  4. In the Available Favorite Options column, select the check box for each task you want to set as a favorite, and then click Done [F10].
    Manage Favorites Dialog Box
  5. In the My Favorites dialog box, click any of the tasks you have selected as favorites to launch them.

This topic was last updated on August 09, 2017.

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Copyright © Rediker Software, Inc. All rights reserved.